How difficult is it to find a job in NYC ?!

Posted: 12 March 2014 in Trends

Well, everything is in the title ! It is so so so difficult to find a job in NYC and I thought hell why not do a post on this shit . (BTW sorry for cursing but it really helps getting my point across in that case).

All I wanna say is “bitch answer” ’cause being from France, when applying, you’ll always have an answer to your application whether positive or not and in my case : hundreds of applications sent but NO ANSWER.
Ok so what am I supposed to do ??? because “I ain’t giving up” so somebody better give me a job or I’ll throw a bitch fit in the middle of NYC (just kidding, no really)

Sometimes I wonder if it’s MY profile that is missing something? I mean I can speak fluently french, english and spanish and have notions of arabic, i’m stylish to death (don’t roll your eyes), I have a degree, i’m nice, funny to work with, experienced WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE !? and I have a blog that you’re reading

SO IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER ME (a partnership, a sponsorship, a job, an internship … hell I would even take a cronut right now and if you don’t know what it is #GetYourLife)


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