Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills episode 8 streaming (video and review)

Posted: 17 March 2014 in TV
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Starring some  rich kids, this show is full of crap fashion for the ones that love it ! I mean it is a real store, last episode was starring a girl buying those 40 000$ Chanel boots that Beyoncé has in her Flawless music video but anyway ! this episode occurs in NYC and of course there’s a party because all they do is party work and the persian one (i mean i think she’s persian sorry ’bout that i don’t remember names hun) basically spend a whole 400 000$ to buy home furnitures for a client ! WTF you could feed and entire country with that much money but anyway who cares ! it’s Hermes purses and Fendi couches so if you’re into that here it is :

OOOOH and there’s EJ Johnson in it, of course you know who that is! It’s Magic Johnson FABULOUS son lol


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