Pretty Little Liars – Finale explanation and season 5 spoilers !

Posted: 19 March 2014 in Uncategorized

Well this season of PLL sure ended with some shocking revelations !!! So if you don’t want to hear anything about it STOP READING HERE !

Alison is back and she’s staying this time for good, the whole episode turns out to be a meeting between the girls and Ali trying to figure out what really happened during that special night and why did Ali faked her death. Well guess what ? nobody knows who is A (Come on! i mean after three season we should at least have and idea but NOPE nothing) anyway she explained that she was being harassed by A way before the girls were and that she was suspecting everyone : Ian, Melissa, her mom, the 4 girls and more.

That night she decided to drug the girls (as one does) to see if she’d receive a text and then know that A wasn’t one of them, until junky Spencer got up and got into a fight with her. Chill out she didn’t kill her, she actually begged for her silence and went back to sleep (as one does again right?). She spoke to Ian, Ezra Aria’s dad, texted, drugged and cried her eyes out (girl you got a lot of time to do all of that) until she went back home and someone hit her on the head with a rock. Her mom then buried her (as you would do too if your daughter was dead minutes ago duuh) but she was still alive she then got out of the grave by herself (it happens all the time I’m telling you) and started walking down the street (bitch you’re bleeding, sit down!) and met geeky Mona that took her to a motel where she told her that she should leave and disappear (at 15 years old of course).

Then someone came with a gun and chased them (bitch don’t point that gun) to the roof where TADAAAA Ezra appeared like superman to tell A that he knew who he/she was (btw if A is a girl she must be very fit ’cause that person has some real muscle action going on) and ended up shot OF COURSE. Hannah took the gun and aimed it at A who jumped on another building (oooh I forgot Noel had taken their phone so they couldn’t call 911 ! girls your mothers didn’t teach you that you don’t give your phone to a psycho, even if he looks damn good). I know what you’re thinking A is Ali’s mom, well guess what ? you’re wrong because by the end of the episode she was attacked and buried in her fancy trench coat like she did to Ali (except Ali was wearing that ugly yellow shirt).

Anyway that’s a lot of drama and I don’t know about but I want NEED to know who A is ! If it’s not Melissa, Ian, Ezra, one of the girls, Mona, spencer’s parents, aria’s dad, Jenna, Noel, or Toby WHO THE FUCK IS IT ?? after 4 seasons that’s 93 episodes and thats 3906 hours of watching I wanna know who is A ! Don’t you ?

SEASON 5 Spoilers : They gave us a little spoiler: “Hey ‘Pretty Little Liars’ fans, it’s Marlene King and I’ve got your spoilers. Here’s what you can expect this summer on ‘PLL’: It’s a season of reunions and homecomings and now that Ali’s back, an army will be mobilized, but ‘A’s’ not in it. Lucas will leave his bunk beds and head back to Rosewood High, and an unexpected ‘PLL’ will spiral with her boyfriend. Don’t miss the summer premiere Tuesday, June 10 at 8/7 central find out if the Liars escape from New York.”

That’s it ? really ? … I’m heading right to where the authors are to get some answers !



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