Is Beyoncé Releasing A Part 2 Album Tomorrow on Itunes ? #ItunesSurpriseAlbum

Posted: 21 March 2014 in Music

Well itunes has announced it, on March 22nd there will be a release of an album that will be a surprise and be like Beyoncé’s self titled album and it’s apparently MAJAH. Everyone is speculating, beting and guessing who is it ?

People are oriented between Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Adele, Katy Perry, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, or Prince well we’re kinda of very hesitant but for some reason we’re expecting for it to be Be ! Why? because her album is amazing but we always thought there will be more a part 2 and a part 2 of the Mrs Carter Tour also, I don’t know why but it makes complete sense for me,  she surprised us once why not another time and she’s the only one that can do it ! No disrespect but Gaga is working on her tour  and her videos (G.U.Y and was working on DWYW too) so she doesn’t have the time for another album, Rihanna’s been working on an album but she spent a long time at the fashion week, on vacation and with Drake so she’s not the one, Katy Perry is soon to be on tour so she can’t be releasing her album and she just released a video so it’s incoherent, Adele could be the one but we don’t see her releasing a lot of videos she’s way too private and she only did two videos for her album 21. Eminem well he doesn’t need that and Nicki Minaj could also be the one ’cause she’s been very quiet lately and she loves videos and she said in an interview that she wants to surprise the fans with her new album.

So what are your speculations ? BTW Beyoncé if you read this and it’s not you please make us a little PART 2 album, that would be THE BEST !


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