Omaze : win a chance to hang out with the biggest celebrities for 10$

Posted: 8 April 2014 in Trends
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Well yes you read well ! i’m not talking about some stupid contest where you never know if it’s real or not this new website gives you a chance to hang out with … hum let’s pick Kristen Bell or if you prefer Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for the ladies for only 10 bucks that go to a charity, isn’t AMAZINNNNNNNNG ????

I know you are probably saying to yourself it’s only for the USA or i’m never going to win …  well you’re wrong ! you can put as much money as you want to win a prize wherever you are in the WORLD and some of the prizes include a flight ticket for 2 and a hotel room so that you can fully enjoy your trip. oohh i almost forgot, of course you need to be 18+ years old so teenagers get a seat and wait for your turn.

Last experiences are a brunch with the SCANDAL cast, gossiping with Joan Rivers on the Fashion Police, or riding a tank with Schwarzenegger ! Personaly I paid to go hang out with the cast of 2 Broke Girls so Kat and Beth get ready !!!

But anyway it’s a good way to give back and get something out of it and even if you don’t you’ve done something right so check it out below !!


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