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liv for the city

So you applied to hundreds of jobs online, but after getting nowhere, you ended up following my advice and booked a trip to the City of dreams. Congratulations! You are now about to enter phase two of the New York job hunt: the part where you network your a$$ off!


Never ever been to Manhattan or any of the five boroughs? The first thing you need is a point of reference to get your networking game on. There must be someone in this town who is somehow related to you: that guy you sat next to in College who always posts pictures of the skyline on Facebook, or your sister’s friend who started her own business here…It’s time to put that six degree of separation theory into practice!

Any occasion can be an excuse to network in New York, that’s why you should never turn down an invite. When I…

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That is probably the weirdest video I’ve seen him do and he’s done some pretty weird thing by the past but this one I’m telling  you when I saw it on youtube that’s the face that I made right here  . (more…)

Coldplay presented their entire new album in live a performance that will remind you why we all love them. (more…)

Damn this guy just knows how to sing and give us chills everytime.  Watch him perform, for the first time on tv, his new single “Sing” (more…)

Sia recreated her video on The Ellen Show as she brought Maddie, a little girl, modern dancing all over the stage like in her video for the song. (more…)

Billboard Music Award 2014 Winners


So yesterday was supposed to be the night for music ! Well let me be clear, IT WASN’T. The show was supposed to be one the best of the year turns out it wasn’t it wasn’t even decent (at least to me). (more…)

Here is the season finale of this season of SNL. It was hosted by Andy Samberg with musical guest St. Vincent. (more…)

Jay Pharoah,  Sasheer Zamata and Maya Rudolph spoofed the couple and Solange to explain what happened in the elevator (more…)

SURPRISE MOTHAFUCKA !  this video is so good! (more…)