Iggy Azalea – The New Classic (streaming full album + review)

Posted: 10 May 2014 in Music
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I wasn’t really ready to listen to this album so far but I started listening to it today and I must say it’s pretty good. No offense to Nicki or any of her stans but I feel like she outgrew Nicki Minaj. What I mean by that is that Nicki is really talented and everything but with the whole buzz that Taylor Swift brought her with “Super Bass” and the hit that it became, to me, she just lost herself in all the fuss around her weird colorful world and just forgot about the art, the lyrics, and the rapping to just become a gimmick.

The album starts with an amazing song that could probably become a real hit if she choses to but a bit too slow to make waves in the charts, and then continues with a smooth rap on “Don’t Need Y’all” that doesn’t really catch the mind after you’ll hear “Walk The Line” and here is the surprising thing, 100 sounds nothing like hip hop / rap starting off by a sort of pop /rock intro and then when she starts to rap it just makes sense and reminds me of a cool rapper that you might have heard of as he rapped Picasso Baby, no dropping names in here ;).

Then her two singles Change your life that we love and Fancy, currently n°5 on the Billboard 100 chart,  featuring TI and Charli XCX, who BTW sounds exactly like Gwen Stefani #GetYourOwnVoice, and then New Bitch … the only thing that comes to my mind is ? to me it’s just a cheap starship, the beat sounds like fresh off 3 years ago, it’s electro / pop that would probably appeal to younger ones but not to me. She follows by her hit Work that we already love, and continues with a ballad that doesn’t really match her world, and then Goddes ! thank God, because I thought I lost her because the album is messy between the 4th track and the 9th but this one is a good one, even though it reminds me of a certain Kanye West, really? you want to be arrogant on your first album ? Girl BYE LOL no but really for any other rapper out there, NO you’re not a Genius, NO you’re not a God, and hell no you’re not the baddest bitch since this title is already held by Rihanna.

Let’s get back to the next track that starts off by a good verse delivered by Rita Ora who apparently does better songs when it comes to other people’s albums (weird) the hook is really catchy and it will probably be one of her next single. And here is the good song of the album, to me this song defines Iggy, it’s good, edgy, catchy, different from what you would expect from a rapper, and she should really stick to it. She raps on an indian inspired beat and Mavado complement the song perfectly and then another surprise is the single “Fuck Love”; I would define it as a MIA inspired type of song, I don’t think it will be used as a single but that’s the type of shit that I expect from a new rapper and especially from a girl like Iggy, using this beat just shows that has the Balls that other rappers didn’t have, and then of course Bounce and we’ll end this trip on Rolex and Just Askin’ that doesn’t really caught me.

Overall the album is really good for a first rap album, it’s well produced, the music is very newish, it doesn’t copy what’s been done, my favorites songs being Walk the line, Goddess (even though she ain’t no Goddess), Black Widow,  Fuck Love and parts of Lady Patra.

Even though the feeling is good listening to this album, to me there’s a real problem between track 4 to 9, it feels like you get in very quickly and you start off having a good feeling and then that feeling just gets lost until it comes back with Goddess, but the construction of the album suffers a real issue because it starts off good, then becomes bad and continues very good and ends up boring. You’re supposed to go crescendo so that you never loose the feeling even though some of the tracks are not as good as some others but we’ll put that on the fact that she’s new to this. And to conclude I would like to say that there should really be rules concerning songs that can appear on an album because three songs that are on this album are over 1 year old, you can’t use this on an album you just released !!! I’m talking about Work, Bounce and Change your Life, the rule should be that if the song came out over 2 months before the release of the album then it should not appear on it ! 😀

Listen to it below and share what you think of it :


1. Walk The Line
2. Don’t Need Y’all
3. 100 f. Watch The Duck
4. Change Your Life f. T.I.
5. Fancy f. Charli XCX
6. New Bitch
7. Work
8. Impossible Is Nothing
9. Goddess
10. Black Widow f. Rita Ora
11. Lady Patra f. Mavado
12. Fuck Love
13. Bounce
14. Rolex
15. Just Askin’


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