Oprah’s Master Class – Justin Timberlake (full streaming)

Posted: 12 May 2014 in TV
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The new master  class show by Oprah stars Justin Timberlake for a very interesting interview and a look back at his whole life so far.

He grew up being called a “fagot” at school because he was different and didn’t fit with any group and then he was part of “Star Search” and the Mickey Mouse Club alongside Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, and Christina Aguilera and finally got to create the group Nsync.

He looks back at his career (without referring to a big part of his life since he never even talk about Britney) and explains all the things that he’s been through to this day; talking about how the guy who financed the group literally robbed them and only gave them 10 000$ each for their first album that sold over 11 million copies and how they had to go to court to get back their name.

Then he tells a little story about how MJ’s people first rejected a song that JT wrote for him and then when Michael heard it, he called him to get the song as a featuring for the both of them and how it was too late because Nsync already recorded that song for their album.

Even after everything he accomplished with the group and by himself, prior to “Future Sex Love Sounds”, his second solo album, nobody even believed in “Sexy Back” and they made him shot a second video straight away because they thought the single would flop.

Finally he speaks about his acting career and his marriage to Jessica Biel.



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