Solange Knowles Attacks Jay Z at the Met Gala 2014 (video)

Posted: 12 May 2014 in Trends
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OMG Beyonce’s little sister either is completely crazy or she’s out of her mind. She got crazy in a small elevator at an after party of the Met Gala 2014 and literally fought like a ratchet girl in the presence of Beyonce, Jay Z and a bodyguard.

No one knows why or who even started the fight but I love how Bey and Jay kept a very cool and relax demeanor over the craziness of her little sister. As a man I must say even if it’s a woman I would’ve whooped her ass, I mean don’t get me wrong NEVER HIT A WOMAN but if your feet is in my face that’s the burning point for me, you can insult, push, slap me but once you start using legs I’m done ! You’re going gangsta style I’m going ninja style.

But I love how King B tried to calm her down while she went HAM on her husband and you can tell at some point that the bodyguard went a little hard on her and that Jay just tell him to go smooth but even that didn’t do anything since she lost her purse, her shoe and fought in a gown ! REALLY ?? Girl BYE ! You’re at the Met Gala not at school so act like it !

And all my respect to MR CARTER who showed how to behave classy since she went SHARKEISHA style LOL in a 3.1 Phillip Lim gown!

Update: In the full video you can see her going even more hard on her brother in law as she start throwing stuff at him like her shoe and the bodyguard struggles to stop her. For those of you who thought she was drunk, she’s definitely not, you can see her talking normally and getting out of the  building on her own two feet. She just acted like a mess during the 3 minutes and a half and weirdly Beyonce didn’t do shit !

The bad bitch just stand there while her husband is getting attacked and she picks up her sister’s stuff from the floor and even Jay picks up her bag and gives it to Bey but the girl gets even more furious

If you don’t who’s sharkeisha, here’s the video :

  1. This story is fascinating…who knew Solo could go CRAY lol I take this elevator pretty often, but never witnessed so much drama! Dear Lord…By the way you chose the perfect GIF, love it!


    • theitjournal says:

      Yeah right ! The bitch went full on CRAY CRAY! I think it’s so fascinating because people love when “perfect” images gets suddenly tainted and for someone to go HAM like this means that something wrong must’ve happened that night
      Funny how you could’ve been in the elevator with them LOL


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