The Billboard Music Awards 2014 (Full Streaming)

Posted: 19 May 2014 in Music
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So yesterday was supposed to be the night for music ! Well let me be clear, IT WASN’T. The show was supposed to be one the best of the year turns out it wasn’t it wasn’t even decent (at least to me).

First of all, I hate it when the stars don’t move their asses to the show so you will see no Katy Perry, no Beyoncé, no Rihanna, no Miley Cyrus, no Gaga, no Taylor Swift, no Drake, no Jay Z, no Justin Timberlake but instead of that you will see a bunch of has been (sorry to be that hard but really Ricky Martin ???? I mean he was relevant back in the 90’s so come on guys ! step it up), a bunch of country stars (guys country might be relevant in the US but not in any other country), new stars that I don’t even remember seing but who are “the new big thing” NO WAY IN HELL ! and Kendall Jenner who apparently doesn’t know how to read (teenagers these days! WTF was she doing there anyway, is she a singer ?).

The only performances worth the watch were Lorde singing Tennis Court and well that’s it  ! OH and BTW what the hell was MJ doing on stage ???! he’s DEAD let him REST IN PEACE !




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