My vision on the so called “war” between Israel and Palestine #PrayForPeace

Posted: 8 August 2014 in Uncategorized
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So about a month ago (exactly 29 days) a conflict resurfaced between Israel and Palestine which caused a lot of damages, fear, compassion and hatred all around the world so I just wanted to cover that because it does touch me to see such cruelty in 2014. So let’s start by saying that I will try to be as objective as I could and that I wish no harm to anybody, any country,culture, religion or anyone on the planet.

The so called  “conflict” started during Ramadan, a period that is kind of saint in the Muslim community and within which you should fast all day long and be peaceful and generous to others (I thought it would be good to remind people of that), now that’s unclear who bombed who first, unclear who killed the first man because let’s be clear this conflict is going on for decades, as soon as the British government gave away a part of a country that wasn’t theirs to give: Palestine. Now we can go on and on about how they shouldn’t have done that or how bad of a choice it was and blablabla but it is the past so let’s just move on to the present situation and leave the past where it is. The situation is, that Israel has literally taken over the whole country by colonizing more land than they originally had in the first place (see the image) which kind of caused the ongoing conflict but we could stop right here if it wasn’t so tricky. Israel had so much power and influence on the international scale that no one ever really said anything until the Palestinians themselves raised their voices to stop the colonization from destroying their country so a bunch a guy (I guess) created the Hamas, known all around the world as a terrorist organization that we basically know almost nothing about. Our occidental viewing makes us believe that they are the bad guys (not that I contradict any of that) that should be taken down since 9/11 shocked us all. Now I’m just wondering, are they really the bad guys for trying to defend what belongs to them ? to put it into perspective I would use the conflict between France and Algeria, looking back now, France wanted to take over Algeria (no not because it’s beautiful, but of course because of it’s gas and all this shit) and had the opportunity to do so until “terrorist organizations” defended their country and won after decades of conflicts. Today looking back at that conflict, we still call them terrorists in occident but weirdly they don’t have the same resonance in the fact that they won over what belonged to them in the first place (call that animal instinct or primal act but it is what is is, we all want to keep what’s ours like in the restaurant when someone picks in your plate you have that weird reflex to push their hand away well I guess it’s more or less the same).

Let’s get back to the present and talk clearly, Israel and a lot of “powerful’  jews and medias in the world (aka Joan Rivers, aka Jon Voight …) claim that Palestine is the aggressor and Israel only defend themselves, now in my opinion if they really are the aggressors throwing rockets to Israel, they must be pretty bad at throwing them and aiming them since it only caused 67 deaths on the israel side and only 3 of them were civilians (may peace be upon them) and on the other side of the border in Gaza, we count over 1800 deaths which 1300 happen to be civilians and over 400 of them are kids that I’m sure have far better things to do than throw rockets.

If I may say, this time is different, why? because the medias didn’t make their jobs properly as in America and a lot of occidental country they still are trying to portay a bad guy and good guy and the social medias like twitter took care of that, people wanted a part of truth in what they saw and when your news channel is biased you go to the source and Twitter made that possible I guess and when RIri, Selena Gomez, Zayn Malik (one direction, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem (her husband) prayed for peace and Joan Rivers (aka the old lady who’s supposedly a comedian) and Jon Voight (aka Angelina Jolie’s father) prayed for more massacres and that Israel win, that’s when everyone felt concerned but really the only thing that I get from these is that WE, as human beings, ARE STUPID, and as George Carlin would say : “humans are the only species that systematically tortures and murders its own for personal pleasure and gain.”

Pray for peace, don’t try to defend atrocity, don’t back down your government just because it’s “the patriotic” thing to do, help each other to make this end and if you’re over their just know that I’m praying for you. #PRAYFORPEACE.

If you still don’t feel concerned I suggest you watch these pictures of the damages that caused this “war” in Gaza and if you have a heart you’ll feel concerned and will act to make it stop.

PS: like I said, it’s just the vision of a 23 year old guy who has nothing to do with the conflict but want it to stop !









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