My Take on Valerie Trierweiler’s Book : Merci Pour Ce Moment (Thank You For This Moment)

Posted: 7 September 2014 in TV
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Ok so here I am after reading this book that when you look at it, is so far from me (a 23 year old french guy with foreign origins) but I am pleased to say that it made me understand a lot more and made me relate to Mrs Valerie Trierweiler (yes I won’t call her the ex first lady, or anything else even if I do want to call her Ms Majonneau as it is her original name but won’t go there).

So you might ask why I read it ? well at first everyone was talking about it and frankly I didn’t care one second about this book, then I walked in front of a library and saw the book but didn’t care for it and then I started reading comments and extracts on the Internet about the book and it triggered my interest and then it hit me ! why does everyone want to read this book ? because it’s about a man who betrays a woman, so far nothing really out of the ordinary, but this man happens to be the president of France, (ok it’s starting to get interesting but still) and this particular president is the least liked president of the 5th french republic (ok now you got my attention, a man with the highest power got to where he is not only by cheating and lying to the people but also cheated on her lady who’s been there for 9 years ok) so I spent yesterday night and today’s afternoon on it and my first reaction was  that I didn’t understand all the hate she’s gotten since the rumor of a book came out or maybe I do understand it afterwards because obviously a lot of people had a lot to lose and the first one is the president of France himself, but also all the politics she talks about in this book, because yes she talks about her love life but she most importantly, as a politics journalist, talks about politics. So obviously all the “pigeons” are defending him and of course attacking this woman without even reading the book and I’m not talking about reading extracts and comments like my first reaction was to the subject but reading the book in its entirety and using your brain (I would never comment on some book I didn’t read but I guess I feel more a soul of journalist than these “journalist” who talk about a subject they don’t master but whatever).

I just finished the book and I must say it is pretty easy to read (I must have spent 4 hours on it and I’m a slow reader since I like to pay attention to every detail) and the so called “revenge” is not palpable, I like to believe that it is her way to turn rip off a page of her life that’s been hanging on for quite some time now and also to re-establish the truth: her truth.
So what intrigued me is that she describe herself as coming from a very poor background, her dad was an invalid and her mom wasn’t working so she was basically growing up out of fresh love but they didn’t have much to share with her brothers and sisters and I, and probably a lot of other people, pictured her as being a rich “bitch”, obviously the medias have their part to play in that idea when the president is perceived as an ex poor when in reality he comes from the higher class which is really interesting as she describe him as never eating normal strawberries and potatoes and throw away the meat coming from the supermarket. What shocked me was the love that she felt for that man, I was waiting for a public bashing but that’s not the case at all, of course she states some bad things about her ex (who wouldn’t?) but to me she stays pretty classy in her own way, she still loves him and you can’t deny it but she is a woman who’s been betrayed and crossed for years now, actually since her man became the president she saw him rise and fly away from her to get to his big fancy castle that apparently no one is worthy of. To be clear the juicy part is that the cheating wasn’t a question of one month as it was implied but it took place over the whole year 2013 until in January 2014 it was revealed on the cover of a french people magazine.

I won’t describe the whole book because I encourage you to read it to understand a bit more about the politics and what better way to understand it than through the eyes of a journalist / ex-girlfriend / first lady / betrayed woman of the president ? I mean of course I’m not saying that everything she writes is true but it gives a certain insight of the business and you learn to understand things that happen in the past like the Cahuzac affair, the departure of Sarkozy, the tweet she sent during the campaign, the relationship she had and still has with our president, how things went down after she learned and you realize that she had a lot to do with the good balance of our president and how dumb he was to let her go. More importantly you realize the reason of such a book, because she was mistreated for years and was “asked” to shut her mouth and be pretty and she now needs to reestablish her whole life, the one who gave up everything because she believed in the man who is now our president needed to empty her heart to everyone and to all the haters, so called journalist, politics, and so called feminist bashing her and asking for dignity of her, ask yourself how would you react as a HUMAN, because let’s face it politic is part of our every day life but it’s because of the medias and the politics that the people have such a big disinterest for what rules our every day life and all the cheating and lying won’t make it any better. Being inhuman is not ok, just because you’re dealing with a lot of stress and big deals doesn’t you have to feel higher or inhuman.

What we could reproach her is that she wasn’t “a lady” she wasn’t the first lady, she was a woman, a mom and she wasn’t ashamed of it. Of course you could say that she was too sensitive, too stuborn and a bit too attached to her roots but that’s what made her so special and I do believe that France lost something big in her. This country never cease to amaze me by it’s stupidity of treatment when it comes to public figures, this people that restricted the paparazzi power after the death of Diana still to this day make it possible to put in the cover of any magazine that the president is DUMB or that the first lady is a whore in the name of “Freedom of speech”.
We often say that behind every great man there is an even greater woman, well as great as the president’s intentions are he must be pretty out of touch with reality since its election. Mr Hollande should reevaluate what’s important and stop thinking that he is so damn good at what he does, he lost so much and gained so little that I do believe that we lost a potential great first lady not necessarly because of the cheating scandal but because of everything around it, he ceased to respect people a long time ago therefore we stopped to respect him as a man and more importantly as a President.

And for the president I would say as the great Dostoyevsky said :“Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”



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