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Ok so here I am after reading this book that when you look at it, is so far from me (a 23 year old french guy with foreign origins) but I am pleased to say that it made me understand a lot more and made me relate to Mrs Valerie Trierweiler (yes I won’t call her the ex first lady, or anything else even if I do want to call her Ms Majonneau as it is her original name but won’t go there). (more…)


That is probably the weirdest video I’ve seen him do and he’s done some pretty weird thing by the past but this one I’m telling  you when I saw it on youtube that’s the face that I made right here  . (more…)

Coldplay presented their entire new album in live a performance that will remind you why we all love them. (more…)

Here is the season finale of this season of SNL. It was hosted by Andy Samberg with musical guest St. Vincent. (more…)

Jay Pharoah,  Sasheer Zamata and Maya Rudolph spoofed the couple and Solange to explain what happened in the elevator (more…)

The new master  class show by Oprah stars Justin Timberlake for a very interesting interview and a look back at his whole life so far. (more…)

If you don’t know who Amy Schumer is, you should because she is hilarious, she’s kinda the new itgirl when it come to comedy. (more…)

This week SNL is hosted by the beautiful south african Charlize Theron with musical guest the Black Keys. We’ll definitely be watching as we love her, I mean who doesn’t love a funny and pretty woman? (more…)


It’s heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere like Oprah would say ! The two hour season finale of the Docu series that revolves around Lindsay is here (more…)

Lindsay is taking the final steps on her recovery and her series with the channel. (more…)