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So Queen Bey just slayed my mind again ! Can she do any wrong when it comes to music?  (more…)


Jay Pharoah,  Sasheer Zamata and Maya Rudolph spoofed the couple and Solange to explain what happened in the elevator (more…)

SURPRISE MOTHAFUCKA !  this video is so good! (more…)

M.I.A puts her own flavor on Beyoncé’s hit “FLAWLESS” and it’s called BADDYGIRL! The tamul artist had released a teaser back in march and was waiting for Bey’s team to reach out but they didn’t so she just dropped the track on twitter. (more…)

OMG Beyonce’s little sister either is completely crazy or she’s out of her mind. She got crazy in a small elevator at an after party of the Met Gala 2014 and literally fought like a ratchet girl in the presence of Beyonce, Jay Z and a bodyguard. (more…)


King B and Mr Carter are going on tour this summer and it is going to be MAJAH ! We don’t really know where it’s coming from, probably a will to compete with The Monster Tour that Rihanna and Eminem launched together but there’s actually no point to know because if Bey is there we gotta be there. (more…)

King B ! is on top of her game right now as she just wrapped her fourth world tour with 132 shows (more…)

Queen Bey slays our minds again with another inspirational video directed by the one and only  Melina Matsoukas ! (more…)


Beyoncé is currently shooting the video for Jay Z’s “Part II” being his new single off Magna Carta Holy Grail (more…)

John Mayer covering a Beyonce song ? really ?? ok that was our first reaction but then we took a look at it and it was actually very good. (more…)