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So Queen Bey just slayed my mind again ! Can she do any wrong when it comes to music?  (more…)


Sia recreated her video on The Ellen Show as she brought Maddie, a little girl, modern dancing all over the stage like in her video for the song. (more…)

M.I.A puts her own flavor on Beyoncé’s hit “FLAWLESS” and it’s called BADDYGIRL! The tamul artist had released a teaser back in march and was waiting for Bey’s team to reach out but they didn’t so she just dropped the track on twitter. (more…)

Eminem proves once again that he is way too up there to even attain him. In his new single he literally pours his heart out and addresses a beautiful apology letter to his mom after bashing her years ago in the famous song “Cleaning out My Closet”. (more…)

We’re definitely not fans of dead people singing (leave them where they are) but this track is so so so good (more…)

Ariana aka the new Mariah is back with the first single off of her new album due later this year. This song offers us a featuring with Iggy Azalea who dropped her album “The New Classic” this month and let me tell you something : IT’S GOOD. (more…)

Let’s be very honest, I wasn’t feeling the first song choice “Magic” as a single and I was starting doubting Coldplay’s choices when it comes to everything watching the video but now that the second single is out I feel reassured. (more…)


It’s official, Katy Perry is crazy ! Her new video is here for her Birthday single and she definitely went there as she goes undercover for birthday parties with kids. (more…)

Queen Bey slays our minds again with another inspirational video directed by the one and only  Melina Matsoukas ! (more…)

Pharrell never cease to surprise us and with his new single Marilyn Monroe (more…)