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So I’m back, I guess ! I mean, doing this blog has taught me so much about myself and others that I kinda lost myself in the process, that is why I didn’t write any post for two long months, although it feels more like a year. I kept checking your coments and the visits but I didn”t felt like writing anything until last week, but then I decided not to, because what would you guys think of me if I was back just like that and then it hit me last night, talking to a friend, I understood why I started this blog.

It wasn’t for the position that I could get out of it, it wasn’t for the money (anyway I didn’t make any since I didn’t take the time to put adds on the blog), it  wasn’t for the attention, it wasn’t even for you guys, it was because I believed that I was different (as we all do) and I still believe that I could do better, be better than the person I was yesterday, but let’s get back to the talk I had with that friend. I was talking to him and I realized how stupid we were, not the two of us, but Human Beings in general; the truth is that we all feel insecure inside and we all want more and the guy was in deep, talking about how he went through all sorts of dramas (and I must say he was true, he went through some serious deep shit that probably none of us been through) and he kept on going about how miserable his life was and how he was soon to be 30 and that he didn’t accomplish anything and it hit me right there ! the reason why he felt like this was because he was running against the world, a race against everybody but looking to everyone running in front of him. The reason why he felt so bad was because he didn’t learned his lesson, he didn’t care about the man he became, he cared about the man he wished to be, he didn’t care about all the things he had, he cared about all the things he didn’t possess, the long list of things he didn’t have, didn’t do, and that all the people he saw had.  So why am I writing this post ? because I want to, because I don’t care about what people think, because I want to share my vision.

What if you could have eveything, everything that you ever wanted to possess without doing anything. Would you ? would that make of you a better person than you are today ? would that make you any different ? I mean when he stated that he was being real with me and that he wasn’t depressed or anything, just being true I got mad, because there is only one thing you gotta do to realize that your life might not be that bad, it’s to turn on your television, now I see you coming with your big preconceived  ideas on life, that this is not the same and blablabla but let’s be honest for a second get to the huffington post, the new york times, the daily mail  or any news website (not the people section lol) and start reading not like the person you are but starts reading as if it was you there, start reading as if you were the person getting bombed at school, eating your breakfast, dying at age 5, losing your family, your friends, being forced to leave your country, your home and now wonder : is my life that miserable ?

Take a step back and instead of pointing your little finger to others, put it towards yourself and ask yourself the right questions. Because let’s face it you are the only master of your destiny, you always have a choice even if you don’t think so, you always have a choice !

I’m a firm believer that God (life or the universe if you’re not a believer) has a plan for all of us (btw on that topic you MUST read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I hate reading and books but this one is so good it should be crowned book of the century) and that along that road we take choices that will get us to where we want to head but that the plan is flexible around the decisions that we make. Like a car, we can take a left, we can take a right, we can go straight, sometimes we crash but we recover, the only difference is WE CAN’T GO BACK.

Anyway, I don’t even know why I wrote this, after the talk my friend kept his ideas and I kept mine, and we both felt frustrated, him because of his “miserable” life and me because I was right here next to him trying my best to sheer him up, to make him change, to help him but he was so focused on what he didn’t have that he didn’t see me there or maybe he didn’t care. Today is a great day to start over so I’m back, I’m here so let’s get this shit started (humm RE started) !